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Ombre Peacock Dress (Green)

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Ombre Peacock Dress (Green)
Ombre Peacock Dress (Green)
Rs. 22,000.00

Envelop yourself in an ethereal tapestry of splendor and allure with our resplendent wedding lehenga ensemble, bedecked in a bewitching ombre cape spun from the finest dupion fabric. Delicately adorned with a symphony of thread intricacies and lustrous pearls, this ensemble casts an enchanting spell, weaving together threads of tradition and modernity into a captivating masterpiece.

The cascade of hues in the ombre cape unfurls like a blossoming flower, each shade merging seamlessly into the next, creating a mesmerizing dance of color that enraptures the senses. Every thread, every pearl, whispers tales of artisanal prowess and dedication, bestowing upon the ensemble an aura of celestial opulence.

Complementing this celestial cape are the matching dupion dhoti pants, their silken sheen a perfect complement to the resplendence above. As you glide through the festivities, the fluid lines of the cape billow like a gentle breeze, while the dhoti pants bestow upon you the grace of a goddess, marrying comfort with couture in perfect harmony. 

Ombre Peacock Dress (Green)