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A marriage is about your tribe connecting with his. And to connect stronger the fashion language should speak alike for you and your tribe at your life’s biggest party when you become one with him. Here’s Pallavi Poddar speaking about The Bride and her Tribe.

The lehengas

When you, as The Bride, step into our lehengas, your journey towards your next beautiful half of life begins then. And thus, each Lehenga that we craft is not just a piece of luxurious fabric with star clad fine work woven on them. They are what your dreams are made of, the dreams that you saw as a child when you first understood the concept of marriage. It’s those dreams that we fell for when we began stitching for brides.

The journey to love that you will begin wearing them, is about to be one of the best journeys of your life. And thus, we crafted them with more than threads and sequins, but with love and stars…

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The Gowns

When delving into the sea of emotions called ‘marriage’, just after you, comes your closest set of people. Our gowns are made to honour those close-knit ones, connected to you by the thread of the heart. Our gowns that are deliberately flamboyant are in tone to your best-friend’s extravagant pride in you getting married with someone she feels is perfect for you, in tone with your mamma’s excessive love that made her princess grow into the queen she is, or your sister who never thought that there would be a day when they will miss you & her pillow fights with you exceedingly.

At your marriage, the cause is to celebrate all the abundance of love and warmth God blessed with you, and our gowns are crafted to deck them up…

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The Pret

In every movie there are always some names in the credits that are never seen on the prime screen, just like in the project called “Marriage”. However, without their uncounted contributions dreams would never come true. It is in their honour that we launch our glamorous yet subtle Pret Range, that are a formula of couture that fits both day-to-day glam-up needs and your aura at your nearest one’s weddings too. Our Pret wear range is stitched with the cause of utility in mind, and thus we have given birth to this range that serves you with the best from both the worlds of luxe and utility.

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Your story

When you move through the global fashion landscape around the world there is one fashion theory that ties the globe together: that Fashion is rich when investment is in the details. At Pallavi Poddar, every piece has ‘attention to details’ as the key cut in their mantle. Our woven creation all rich by thread, by sequins, by hues and by fabric. Because they are made to design up the finest day of your life. The finest you.

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Our Testimonials


"Stunning is the word. Great craftsmanship in the bridal lehenga I wore at my wedding. The measurements were sent remotely and the dress fit like a glove. The work was impeccable. Everyone was in awe of the attire. Each piece was a work of art. I fully recommend this designer for a flawless attire."

Daniela Strimbei

"My experience here was too good.
Amazing collection and I didn't have to come twice and thrice just one time and everything was perfect. The team is very supportive and I am actually glad to buy my sangeet lehenga from here! Can't wait to wear it soon❤️"

Varsha Lodha

"I have had one of the best experiences while doing bridal shopping specially for lehengas which is the toughest part of any wedding journey. I actually started my lehenga search with Pallavi Poddar and roamed around in Kolkata, Mumbai and Indore and ended up buying from Pallavi Poddar at the end. One of the best collections in traditional & new age lehengas specially in pinks and new colours. So excited to wear this on my wedding day."

Parul Laddha


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