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Ombre Peacock Dress

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Ombre Pink

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Ombre Peacock Dress
Ombre Peacock Dress
Rs. 22,000.00

Indulge in the epitome of elegance and grace with our exquisite wedding lehenga ensemble, showcasing a captivating ombre cape crafted from luxurious dupion fabric. Adorned with intricate thread and pearl work, this ensemble exudes a timeless allure that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The mesmerizing gradient effect of the cape adds depth and dimension to the ensemble, creating a visually stunning silhouette that embodies sophistication and refinement. Each thread and pearl is meticulously handcrafted, lending a touch of opulence and luxury to the ensemble.

Paired effortlessly with matching dupion dhoti pants, this ensemble strikes the perfect balance between traditional charm and contemporary flair. The flowing silhouette of the cape drapes gracefully over the body, while the dhoti pants offer comfort and ease of movement, making it ideal for the modern bride seeking both style and functionality. 

Ombre Peacock Dress