6 Trending Wedding Lehenga Designs: Your Go-To Style Inspiration

From an early age, every soul on this planet starts dreaming of following their passion, achieving a successful career, and ultimately, finding a soul mate....
6 Trending Wedding Lehenga Designs: Your Go-To Style Inspiration

From an early age, every soul on this planet starts dreaming of following their passion, achieving a successful career, and ultimately, finding a soul mate.

So, when a woman finally accomplishes all her goals that she had dreamt of, she feels solace in showing her love and devotion towards her soul mate on her Big day.

What is the next thought that appears in the mind when talking about her or as a matter of fact, your Big Day?

Yes, it is her Wedding Day, and she wants to look the best for her dream man. We Believe that in this regard all women think alike.

Wedding planning remains incomplete without that perfect wedding lehenga for bride.

So, here we are with a catalog of trending wedding lehenga designs to choose from for your special day.

6 Trending Wedding Lehenga Designs:

Blood Red Wedding Lehenga for Bride with Mughal Motifs:

Blood Red Wedding Lehenga for Bride with Mughal Motifs

When discussing wedding lehenga designs, the first thing that comes to mind is the colour. Although various colour palettes have grabbed the eyeballs of the upcoming brides, the blood red wedding lehenga for bride is the most favourite one. Now, what next after the colour?

Well, it is the heavy golden embroidery that turns heads. This wedding season, choose a blood-red lehenga with Mughal motifs made out of golden Jaan and Resham to match the grandeur of the occasion. The motifs become dense towards the hemline of the lower section. Pair it with a comparatively simpler blouse design so as to make the Mughal Motif the showstopper of the day.

According to the recent trending wedding lehenga designs, it must be paired with an organza dupatta to balance the richness of the Mughal Floral Motifs of the lehenga. Check out this one if you in for this style.

Embroidered Art Silk Lehenga in Pastel Shades:

Embroidered Art Silk Lehenga in Pastel Shades

Although weddings are almost always associated with red color, taste palettes have taken a unique turn in the modern era. New and upcoming brides have shown an inclination towards choosing their wedding lehenga designs based on subtle pastel shades. All the recent celebrity brides have walked the aisle carrying beautiful pastel-coloured lehengas that have become the talk of the town, setting up a new trend.

If you want to look classy like them too on your wedding day, then art silk based wedding lehenga designs await you. Hook the eyeballs of your guest with an embroidered Art Silk lehenga in any of the subtle pastel shades you prefer to keep alive your uniqueness and style on your big day. Pastel-coloured art silk lehengas are most often enhanced with all-over simple embroidery work in floral motifs to bring out the traditional feel of the wedding outfit.

If you are wondering what jewellery to pair up with these wedding lehenga designs, then go for Pearl chokers or Polkis blended with Diamonds.

Wedding Lehenga Designs for Bride with Super-long Trails:

Wedding Lehenga Designs for Bride with Super-long Trails

As a child, we all have seen brides with long, gorgeous trails walking down the aisle on their wedding day, and we wished deep down to experience that “dressed like a princess” feeling. To turn such dreams into realities, fashion designers have introduced different wedding lehenga designs with Super-long trails to give the bride that “dress like a princess” feel and look.

Don’t let your unfulfilled dreams linger behind. Instead, get a wedding lehenga skirt with the super-long trail to follow you on your Wedding Day as you walk towards the love of your life. Such super-long trails are generally added to the traditional heavily embroidered red lehenga skirts to preserve the long-established charm of this auspicious occasion. Be the queen on your special day and always with such royal wedding lehenga designs.

Minimalist Wedding Lehenga Designs on Organza Silk:

Minimalist Wedding Lehenga Designs on Organza Silk

Organza is the material the fashion industry is swooning over in this new styling season. Be it sari, suits, Kurtis, dupattas, or lehengas; organza has suddenly taken over the fashion world. If it is the first choice for all outfits, then will the brides stay away from it? Definitely not.

Organza Silk has also grabbed the wedding lehenga designs market, and beautifully designed lehengas on organza bases are coming up as trends. They are often noted in pastel shades like Peach, Off-White, or Pista Green with matching crystal, beads, and sequins works.

To add to that elegance, a simple blouse and a dupatta with a tulle base are just the icings on the cake. You can carry your wedding look this wedding season in a minimalist lehenga design on an Organza silk base and be the Bride Queen of the night.

Golden embroidery Lehenga with Ruffled Fall:

Golden embroidery Lehenga with Ruffled Fall

In the past few years, Bollywood actresses have been spotted flaunting their ruffled outfits on different occasions. Ruffles signify both romance and the fun elements to the mood and they are here to stay as the fashion trend for some time. Various fashion designers and fashion houses have experimented with ruffles with numerous outfit combinations.

One that came out as the hero was the wedding lehenga design with ruffled fall. A wedding lehenga for bride with golden embroidery and ruffled fall is no less than the ice and whiskey combination. It can potentially create that drop-dead wedding look that people will talk about for ages to come.

If you are eager to experiment with your look and outfit on your special day, you must get into this Gen Z vibe with ruffled fall.

Here is a list of Bollywood Celebrities who have tried out Ruffled Outfits:

  • Janvi Kapoor- Ruffled Lehenga
  • Sonam Kapoor Ahuja- Valentino Ruffled Dress
  • Kareena Kapoor Khan- Power Pink Off-shoulder Gown
  • Alia Bhat- Lavender Coloured Mansoori Gown
  • Deepika Padukone- Neon Green Ruffled Gown
  • Kiara Advani- Bright Pink Halter Neck Ruffled Top
  • Kriti Sanon- Ruffled Sari

High-Slit Wedding Lehenga Designs for Trendy Brides:

High-Slit Wedding Lehenga Designs for Trendy Brides

Are you looking for a wedding lehenga for bride with the oomph factor in it?

Wedding day is definitely about looking traditional and classic, but the young brides have turned the table upside down with their sensuous wedding looks. Yes, you heard that right. For bold brides, high-slit wedding lehenga designs have done wonders on their special occasions.

Generously embroidered wedding lehenga skirts endorse the classical bride look, but a high-slit with it can concoct a fashion blockbuster. High Slit Wedding Lehengas paired with embellished sneakers can make you Gen Z's next fashion icon.

Which Wedding Lehenga Designs to Carry with Different Colour Palettes?

Traditional Wedding Lehenga for Bride

Many are unaware of the true significance of the colour Red? Let us enlighten you on the importance of the use of color red during weddings. Mars is the planet responsible for ruling marriage, and red is considered to be the symbolic representation of this planet in Astrology.

That is why everyone believes this hue is the correct choice for wedding celebrations. As far as the traditional style is concerned, red is the only and undoubtedly the best selection for traditional wedding lehenga designs.

Simple Wedding Lehenga Designs

Simplicity means uncomplicated or plain, and when opting for a Simple Wedding Lehenga Design, what best than an Off –White or Peach-coloured lehenga? It is a classic example of simplicity and elegance combined together.

High-Slit Wedding Lehengas

If you are breaking the norm with high-slit wedding lehenga designs, then you can surely experiment a bit with the colours too. Try it with a Sparkling blue or fuchsia shade. We guarantee you will be the apple of everybody’s eye that day.

Wedding Lehenga with Ruffled Skirt

Ruffles look better with bright, chirpy colors. It looks equally beautiful on a red Frock, a Yellow Sari, or a Green lehenga. With the bright Ruffled skirt, your wedding lehenga will have layers of hope and style to flaunt more.

Wedding Lehenga Designs on Organza Silk

When it comes to Organza silk, again the shades that are most popular are the pastel ones. Organza silk of Peach, baby pink, mauve, pista green, or any other pastel shades can elevate the wedding lehenga look to loftier heights of elegance and superiority.

Wedding Lehenga designs with Super-long Trails

Wedding Lehanga designs with super-long trails not just leave the trails behind. They should leave the trails in the eyes of the mind also, and that can be only done through the use of flashy colours. These kinds of lehenga designs for bride can come up in shades of wine red, navy blue, Mustard gold, and bottle green. The trails of these colours will be etched in the guests' minds forever.

Wedding day is special for everyone, and we believe that for a woman, there is no better day to flaunt her beauty and style than this. We care for her most intimate wishes, like choosing the best from her wedding lehenga designs, and so we share with her and with all other pretty brides out there our expertise on choosing their Big Day outfits to inspire that heavenly wedding look.

Our Go-To style guide can be your one step solution and savior from sleepless nights, finding the one from innumerable wedding lehenga designs.


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