Bridal Jewellery Ideas to Furnish Your Lehenga Charm

Deepika, Anushka, Priyanka, Alia, Katrina, Kiara- All have turned heads with their Wedding News.  What do you think is the most talked about thing regarding...
Bridal Jewellery Ideas to Furnish Your Lehenga Charm

Deepika, Anushka, Priyanka, Alia, Katrina, Kiara- All have turned heads with their Wedding News. 

What do you think is the most talked about thing regarding these celebrity Weddings?

Power Couples?- Yes.

Wedding Lehenga?- True.


Bridal Jewellery?- Definitely.

Lehenga and Jewellery Combo?- Bingo.

The overall combination of the carefully selected Lehenga with the matching or contrasting Bridal Jewellery grabbed the nation's eyeballs on the big days of these Celebrity actors. 

Remember, you just cannot wear anything and everything from your family collection on your Wedding Day. Too less or too many can spoil the charm of your Wedding Attire. Check the possibilities now and then decide what goes best with your Lehenga.  

6 Mesmerizing Bridal Jewellery Ideas

Emerald Green Jewellery

If you want to stand out and go for something contrasting with your outfit, Emerald Jewelleryis undoubtedly the right choice. It will escalate the beauty of your Lehenga to a loftier level. By the way, do you know that Emerald has a connection with the Roman Goddess Venus, who symbolizes true love and fidelity? Although it is not pocket-friendly but you can still get the Roman Goddess vibe by choosing one from the Bridal Jewellery artificial range available both at online and offline stores.

Asymmetrical Diamonds and Pearls Choker 


Chokers are very much in fashion these days, and Brides have shown an extraordinary inclination towards Asymmetrical Diamonds and Pearls Chokers to go with their wedding Lehenga. It will make you look stylish and bring a special charm to your overall look.

Gold-Plated Statement Jewellery

Bridal Jewellery Gold Collection will be the first one that the Gold Jewellery showrooms will show you if you are there for Bridal Jewellery shopping. It is traditional and is also thought to be auspicious to use during the wedding. Indian Brides, mainly from West Bengal and South India, prefer to go for Bridal Jewellery Gold Collection, so carefully preserved through the generations, on their big days. Different grand styles of Gold-plated statement Jewellery are also available in the market to pair up with your Wedding Lehenga.

Polkis Blended with Diamonds/ Emeralds Jewellery

Instead of polished shiny diamonds, Jewellery artists have brought to the surface the beauty of uncut diamonds blended with emeralds for Indian Brides. You can easily get such Bridal Jewellery set online. Bridal Jewellery artificial collections are equally attractive and paired with your lehenga. You can quickly go for such sets and carry them confidently as you walk down the aisle on your Wedding Day. 

Navrattan Jewellery

The nine gemstones found in Navrattan Jewellery are associated with nine deities which are believed to invoke cosmic energies of the heavenly bodies. That is why it is a good option for Bridal Jewellery in India. If you want to get that Royal and Divine feel on your special day, choose a Navrattan Jewellery set and flaunt it with confidence. 

Bridal Jewellery Kundan Sets

The intricate details of a Bridal Jewellery Kundan set will grab the eyeballs on your big day. Glass stones are used in Kundan Jewellery along with gold or silver setting. You can choose according to your Bridal Lehenga's color and look. Bridal Jewellery Kundan Sets are sure to make you look no less than a queen. 

3 Best Bridal Jewellery and Lehenga Combinations:

Since you want everything perfect on your special day, you just cannot stop by selecting a good Lehenga or any piece of Bridal Jewellery for Lehenga. You need the right combination to get that extra bling feel on your big day. Check out our suggestions which can always go right. 

Emerald Green Jewellery with Blood Red Traditional Lehenga

Red Lehenga, Red Sari, Red Salwar Suits. Red is the color of Love, and it is also the most liked color for all Brides. It is absolutely fine if you don’t want to experiment and go with the traditional Blood red Lehenga look. Just do not make the mistake of pairing it with red Jewellery. Try contrasting it with an Emerald Green Jewellery set. See how elegant the bride looks here. You can also select and get your customized combination of Lehenga and Bridal Jewellery set online. 

Uncut Diamond Jewellery paired with Blue/ Teal Lehenga

If you are not into so much Red, you can get yourself a blue, or Teal colored Bridal Lehenga and top it up with Uncut Diamond Jewellery Set. Trust me. This combination will make you look classic and divine. 

Pink Statement Jewellery with Mustard Lehenga

This time, try out of the box and pair a Pink Statement Jewellery Set with a Mustard Yellow Lehenga for your Haldi Ceremony. The pink Jewellery will perfectly complement the chirpy mustard Yellow color of your Bridal Lehenga. These kinds of accessories are easily available in the local markets who so proudly flaunt their Bridal Jewellery Artificial Collection. Don’t think hard and just choose your combination.

Places to Get Bridal Jewellery for Lehenga on Rent:

If you have a tight budget or are not willing to spend much on heavy Jewellery, you can get it on rent also just for your Special Day. There are numerous online and offline Jewellery Stores that have Bridal Jewellery Rent Collection at affordable charges. Now you can get that Celebrity Bridal Look on your Big Day without having to go hard on the pockets.

Let’s check out the list below:

  • RentJewels


  • WedMeGood


  • Little Fingers


  • South India Jewels


  • Vivah Bridal Collections


So what are you waiting for? Decide and be your own show-stopper on your Big Day.