Bridal Footwear Styles to Match Your Lehenga

The marriage dress was once considered to be the symbolic representation of the end of a woman’s individual identity, but over the years, such thoughts...
Bridal Footwear Styles to Match Your Lehenga

The marriage dress was once considered to be the symbolic representation of the end of a woman’s individual identity, but over the years, such thoughts have slowly vanished from the minds of the people of the society. 

Marriages are about décor, food, drinks, fun, and fashion in this modern world

- Yes, you heard it right.

It is about fashion, and if you are the bride, get ready as you are going to have a busy time gathering your bridal attire and all other fashion accessories for your special day. 

If your wedding bells are about to ring, you need to tick off the checklist first:

  • Bridal Lehenga - Ticked
  • Wedding Hairstyle - Ticked
  • Bridal Make up - Ticked
  • Wedding Jewelry - Ticked.
  • Bridal Footwear ???

Hold on.

Have you decided on your Bridal footwear yet?

Well, it is as essential as any other part of Fashion because you need to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time throughout your special day. You will be staying on your heels, and a lousy choice of Bridal footwear can give you sore, uncomfortable, and painful feet in the end.

So, do not keep it for the last or just buy anything from the Indian Bridal footwear section of your nearest shoe store.

We offer you 6 Indian Bridal Footwear Options to make both you and your Lehenga feel at ease.

Women love heels, and no matter where they are going or what they are doing, they always find one to fit the occasion. So, you do not need to worry at all as you can now pair up your wedding Lehenga with a stone studded block heel like this one. It makes you look taller and will enhance the fall of your Lehenga. Now you can walk the aisle with comfort and confidence. 

Embellished Velvet Sandals 


Your search for stylish footwear for women ends here as you find the perfect pair of velvet sandals to complement your Blood Red Bridal Lehenga. The embellished front and back sides of these sandals for Lehenga add up to the beauty of your steps. And red can never go wrong at weddings. So, clear your mind and go for it for your big day.

Ghungroo Punjabi Bridal Jutti

Stylish Juttis are very much in fashion these days, but when it comes to Indian Bridal Footwear, you need to have that extra bling. So, here it is, designed especially for the brides to go with their lehengas. Red Ghungroo Punjabi Bridal Jutti can help you to go easy on your feet on the Wedding day and still add glamour to your appearance. The golden Ghungroos at the front are like the icing on the cake that contribute to the glimmer of the gold jewelry the bride wears. 

Gold-Toned Open-Toe Flats  

One needs to choose the color of your flats wisely to go with your Lehenga and the wedding gold. God-Colored Open Toe Flats are super comfortable and easy to carry with both Lehenga and Sari. Trust me. Your feet will be smiling throughout your big day.


Crystals T-Strap Wedding Stilettos

Elegance is the other name for Wedding Stilettos, and if you want to look like your favorite celebrity on your big day, try to get hold of Crystals T-Strap Wedding Stilettos. Mark my words. The enhanced height of these Stilettos will make your Lehenga look no less than a fairy tale, and your walk with a high level of confidence and self-esteem down the aisle will make your occasion a perfect memory.

Quirky Bridal Sneakers

The world is changing, and so is Bridal fashion as well. With the liberty of minds and thoughts, brides are also experimenting with Bridal fashion. From heels and sandals, they have shown the courage to come up with Lehenga Shoes. Embellished quirky sneakers have altered modern brides' Traditional Bridal Footwear expectations. They are super cool, super comfortable, super stylish and definitely out of the box. Don’t just bother. Be the change.

Homegrown Brands to choose your Bridal Footwear From:

Recently, Homegrown Bridal Footwear brands have made their permanent position in the Global footwear market. Keeping in mind the traditional and the aesthetic taste of the Indian brides, they utilize the local artisans to design Bridal footwear range and other shoes which are also sustainable. Compared to the Big Footwear brands, these Homegrown brands cater to the customized expectations of the customers more accurately. Let us browse through some of such brands’ websites to know more.

  • Oceedee


  • Chalk Studio


  • Needledust


  • PAIO Shoes


  • AparajitaToor


Let us indulge in the pleasure of choosing the Unique Bridal Footwear for you because "a single sparkle in the right pair of shoes can make any woman feel like a queen."